Lab Society is Hiring a Writer/Content Creator


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We know that this forum is full of experts on all things related to extraction, distillation, chemistry, and industry practices.

We’re looking for an individual to help us with content and material creation, and this person has to have extensive knowledge of the latest techniques, and of course, how to operate and use our equipment (

If you’re an industry professional or just extremely knowledgeable, we’re looking for you!

Must-have skills:

  • Able to gather information (research) from multiple sources and distill accurate information into concise, written output.

  • Able to research topics weekly based on input we provide and give us results back on a deadline.

  • Great writer strongly preferred, but you’ll also work together with our editorial team.

Job duties:

  • Our team will give you topic ides, and your job will be to compile in-depth (accurate) information on those topics and create meaningful output - all within a week.

  • Deliver one finished topic per week.

  • Find ways of taking complex processes and making them understandable and simple for the casual reader, while still benefitting the scientific community.

If you have a suspicion that you might be perfect for this role, send us your contact information, a resume (and cover sheet if applicable) to:

We look forward to hearing from you!
- The Lab Society Team


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