Lab Society 2L benchtop short path $4,500

Clearance pricing on 2Liter benchtop short path system $4500
Here is what it includes:

• DigiVac Bullseye Precision Vacuum Gauge
• Heidolph Magnetic Hot Plate Hei-Connect 0306110550 with RS-232 serial communications. Retails for $1170. 3 year warranty.
• J-KEM Scientific Model 250 PID Temperature Controller with Type K Thermocouple
• Glas-Col Clamshell heating mantle with independent temp control for both hemispheres

• Lab Society V2 jacketed short path head with Vigreaux indents
• 1 each ground glass joint thermometer
• 4 each metal Keck clips to hold glass
• 3 each Chemglass 500ml 24/40 neck size flasks
• 1 each Chemglass 250ml 24/40 neck size flask
• 1 each Chemglass funnel 24/40 neck size
• 1 each 3 neck distillation receiver (cow receiver)
• 1 each Chemglass 2 liter round bottom flask with temp probe attachment

• Adjustable ring stand with 2 clamps
• Stainless steel adjustable lab jack -height platform with cork flask protectors

• Drill master heat gun
• Tube High Vacuum Grease
• Flask cork ring
• Magnetic stir bar retriever

Price Does NOT include chiller or vacuum pump.
Add Vacuubrand RZ 2.5 Vacuum pump – Brand Newm On Sale! Add $2200! (regular $3054)
Add Chiller RL-720 M - Brand New! Add $3683

Call Cascade Sciences - 503-847-9047 x1

Please don’t make me ship this to Canada :stuck_out_tongue:


Going… going… going…
(someone is getting funds in the bank to pay by EOD. You can still beat them with a down payment)