Lab Extraction Equipment for ~90 lb/hr system for sale

Ok guys here is the extraction equipment for sale.


  1. C1D1 Labs Solvent blaster (200 Gal/hr Cryo chiller) - $52 k
  2. C1D1 Labs 30/g Basket Centrifuge $54 k
  3. C1D1 Labs Filter skid - $15k (Link will be added soon)
  4. C1D1 Labs 50 gal Dimples tanks(2) - $5,200 ea
  5. Yellowstone Falling Film - $155 k Yellowstone Falling Film Evaporators | ABM Equipment
  6. Trusteel decarb/reactor DR-10 - $25,400 - C1D1 Compliant Cannabis Decarb Reactor - Continuous Flow Decarboxylation Reactor | TruSteel LLC
    Estimated lead time: Days
    Fulfillment: Direct from seller

Pictures are here (fair warning it’s onedrive if you want to open it in a private browser) Extraction system photos

And I’ll put it on our site and link to it there if there aren’t any immediate takers.

Email if you’re interested in any pieces.