Lab Equipment - SprayVaps, Sambo Creek, Lauda Chillers

Hello all,

We are cleaning out equipment from our facility in Mammoth Lakes, CA. Local pickup is preferred, but delivery could be arranged for a fee. More pictures and information available upon request. All equipment comes from a clean, regulated facility and hasn’t been used with pesticides at any time. Please see my other listings for additional equipment.

1. Colorado Extraction Systems SprayVaps (2)

2 Colorado Extraction Systems Spray Vaps available with Temptek air cooled water chiller and Mokon HTF 350 series heat transfer system. Systems work great at 5-7 gph each for Ethanol. Will provide additional pictures upon request. Plug-n-play systems with all necessary components. $50k each

2. Sambo Creek 800mm Bucket Trolley Filter

Excellent working condition, will include numerous 1.5 micron and 10 micron filter papers and filter cloths. Custom stainless steel tri-clamp manifold is installed to allow recirculation and process connection. $7k

3. Lauda -50°C Chillers (2)

2 Lauda SUK 400 W II -50°C Cooling Units, used to chill 500 gallon ethanol tanks below -40°C. These are supposed to run down to -100°C, but never reached below -60°C in our application. One chiller is fully functional, the other needs welding to the compressor coils (quoted at $10k). $30k for both


Do you still have one of the CES SprayVap systems available?

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I’d like to come check out the SprayVap unit(s) at your earliest convenience. Please let me know what works for you.

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The spray vap is about as fast as a roto. It’s not worth the time …



I agree with @spdking they’re no better than a roto

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Ok Thank You. Did you also factor in the amount of labor to use the rotovap versus the Sprayvap which is set it and forget it? It’s like the Fram oil commercial, you can pay me now or you can pay me later but you’re going to pay. LOL


Is the Sambo 800mm still available? Any idea on shipping price?

Yes it’s available – it’s a huge bargain. You’re asking me for shipping cost I have no idea where your shipping it

I’ll get you the dimensions and the approximate weight on Monday and you can shop shipping. It’s located 93546. We can palletize it for you if it needs it. Our responsibility ends once it leaves our building.

Thanks Adam

Can you dm me what is available

All Equipment is at

Lowered prices on certain items-free to look at

Is the sambo still available?

Yes-2K lowered from 8K. It is a steal. Thanks Adam Adam at SJSEngineeringLLC dot com

It is.

2 now.

If the Sambo is still available I’ll take it.

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No Sorry. But here is what is: