Lab equipment for sale in southern oregon

I have complete set of 5 liter Lab Society Short path with extra glass with a band new CRV pro 8 pump 3000$

2 across international 1.9 cubic ft ovens 1000$ each

1 50 liter touch science rotary evaporator 1500$

full set up Lab society filtering crude with dry pump 1000$

i have a brand new set of Convectium filling and capping machine, if you are filling cartridges this 2 machines will make you job super easy and efficient. 1 person can fill and cap 10000 cartridges alone in less than 8 hours. 16000$ for both and i will include 1000$ worth of extra accessories
the filling machine is 23k and capping machine in 12k from convectium


Prices are usually helpful :call_me_hand:


i just added the prices, thank you


vacuum or chiller come w the roto?

no chiller


Rogue river

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Still have the Rotovap?

yes i do

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