Lab doing tolling or splits? In Oregon?

Lab doing towing or splits? In Oregon?

Are there any labs located in Oregon that are doing splits or tolling at the moment?

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Bobsled extracts does splits…hard to find a processor taking new grows it seems in Oregon

Thank you we will see what Comes of this,

We would prefer distillate, also the only biomass we have left is, 5.7% thc-a 4.8% cbd & 1.8%cbg

I can facilitate that. 50/50 splits on crude.

This was last year, 541-900-3790 I have 50 Bells wet needed processed, is there a way you could do 60/40?

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I am going to have my business partner call you. I am recovering from a surgery.

My crew in Sacramento can process wet material. 512.921.7033