Krypx CBD commercial I produced FULL SPECTRUM SALVE

Hey guys,

Just a little background on me.

Aside from being in the CBD game, I am also a film producer.
Worked on some films that are currently on Amazon - Hell on the Border and Wish Man and I am also working on several animations.

Its a true passion for me,

We just produced a commercial for my CBD company Krypx and I wanted to get feedback from you guys.

I am also advertsing my services to anyone interested in producing a commercial for their company as well.

Well enough talk, here is the KRYPX commercial.



This is awesome

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I met that dude. He’s hell of a character. This is dope


it was fun to shoot


Badass. I’m actually interested. I’m looking at two similarly styled video makers I found via fb ads for other companies. I’ll shoot you a dm.

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cool…will be waiting for you

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Love it!

Makes me miss acting and improv lol

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Thank you!

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So where do you guys plan on having this ad play? I only ask cause these days so many platforms like youtube, snapchat and facebook seem so uptight about cbd advertising

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