Known cannabinoid retention in filter medias

Yes cold is less effective and will retain more.

I have hardwood and granulated, should I keep them separated or would it be ok to mix them and get the same results?

Powder is meant for reduction and removal of known compound clarity. Chunks are meant for drip filtration and used to remove all the stuff from burn zones. Chunk carbon removed the sulfer, phos, sulf, and numerous other plastic smelling or taste stuff. I have the chunks in a column and do a drip filtration where it’s most effective.


Thank you very much for this info!

Wrong. Carbon loves thca. In cold applications it’s not a good adsorbent


I’ve had real good results with cold scrubbing though. I wish it wasn’t so hard for me to upload pictures.

Oh it works, and also not using too much. But, in many cases, it will adsorb thca.

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I’m doing a warm hardwood carbon scrub this weekend, once filtered through media, I will set that aside then run some warm ethanol through the cake and see if I can effectively grab any of the loss cannas. I’ll show results with and without the scrub. (Running 2 batch same mass). Let’s see how much this carbon is holding on to. Anyone interested in this?

(I do 20 min cryo soaks FYI)