Known cannabinoid retention in filter medias

So, outside of carbon retaining cannabinoids I’ve noticed that magnesol grabbed a tonne and needed some serious washing to get them back. 300g for me after hot scrub.

I’m wondering if any other media is known to do the same and thus need extra rinsing/ washing?

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I save all mine to be washed in ethanol later :man_shrugging:

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I running extra solvent just in case to combat this. The most my filter media stayed with was 17g’s I believe on a 6 # run.

I do the same. I have a 5 gal bucket to wash through.

Also theres good reason to do the extract warm and not cold, correct?

Correct, as instructed by carbon chem they work mo betta hot. I beige this helps to not leave behind canibinoids. Also does anyone have terp profiles from CRC ran trim?

Ya the heat helps the solution bind better to the filter media. Like helps AC bind to the chlorophyll more effectively

That’s my new sop, cold filter with t5 to get water solubles out. Roto. Decarb. Hot scrub with t41 and carbon and degum. Filter with celite, silica and alumina. Winterize, filter, roto and spd.

That’s a lot of money in filter media’s lol. Is it scalable economically ?

Dunno, I’m small fry. I just got 22kg mixed media from carbon chemistry cause it’s worth it to me.


I just washed 5 gal media with 7 gal etho. After the roto there isn’t much there, tbh. I was kinda expecting more. It looks like 100g maybe.

Are you doing cold ethanol or room temp?

I think the idea cannabinoids are being sucked in by these medias isnt really true, I think there just not being pushed through all the way. I always wash my columns/buchners with fresh solvent and keep that in my heads/tails section.
As it is, I usually only get maybe 2% back, meaning it was 2% of my estimated yield for the extraction

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I did room temp wash, but cold temp extraction.

Carbon doesn’t really take cannabinoids. It take alot but least canna. It’s all the other discoloring and effective absorbtion that is occurring.

If you have 700 grams of extract and filter it against 70 grams of carbon you might lose about 3-4 grams of actual the

The other 20 some grams absorbed are other compounds.

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Use acetone

Well, sir, someone actually sent in their spent carbon for testing a while ago and got back 10% thc as a result. This is what’s lead people here to assume that carbon does hold on to cannabinoids to some extent.

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It was bad carbon, a d prob a bad filtration process. We as well did this and didn’t find those results. Some people use crap carbon that’s treated prior to sale and some people don’t know how to do a carbon filtration at temp probably.

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So, question for you then. Fine powder activated hardwood carbon, do you think mixing it with coarse granulated carbon for faster filtering inhibits the effectiveness of hardwood carbon? Also I assume you do hot scrubs. Have you done a comparison between hot and cold scrubbing to see what the difference, if any, is?

There’s alot of diff types of powder carbon and they all work differently.