Knowing the new Rules of the Peddler Topic. Welcome to see BBTANK GMP workshop HD

Company Name: Shenzhen Babyton Technology C., Ltd.
Factory or Trading Co: Factory
Factory Pictures or Logistics Pictures: BBTANK GMP Workshop HD Pls check out the video attached below.
Lead Time: Small order 2-5 days. OEM order 15-18 days
Type of Gaskets/O-rings used: Silicon
Wick and Wire Material: Ceramic
Certifications and Tests:

Quality Controls In Place: Strict inspection, stable supply.

The Video might be too big to load. I’ll find a way to post the link in here.

I suggest uploading the video to YouTube and sharing the link here. It’ll embed pretty smoothly


Thank you. I’ll try it.

Free Custom Logo Lit pod, accept infinite combinations of logo, the front side and backside can be printed some complicated patterns on it.

Designed for THC-O Delta 8 thick oil ect.

Welcome to custom your logo on your pods.

Rechargeable 2 gram In pod. Newest pod system.

Fast heating ceramic element suitable for your thick Delta and thco oil.


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Happy Thanksgiving day!!!

Sorry but americans are no longer celebrating thanksgiving, it has been canceled.


Really, lol but some of my customers are preparing for it . But it’s still a festival. Just remember to be happy everyday.

Happy Thanksgiving day !!!

4th Gen. BBGear Ceramic coil fast heating element designed for your thick Delta 8/10 THC-O oil.

350mah Rechargeable Custom Logo BBTANK pod system.

Welcome to DM for the price and full catalog.

@Constantine tried to charge me double their normal shipping rate for a sample. He wanted (if I remember correctly) $96 for a sample of 5 different carts…. When I spoke with someone else there they offered the same shipping at half the cost….

This dudes bottom of the totem pole over there. Make sure to address one of the many other accounts from bbtank if something seems off


You said you wanna free samples, five things

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Yeah I asked for a handful of each to try. How about you get your shit together and know your products before trying to fuck people.

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Doesn’t it the best price for 85$? The products is higher, and the shipping cost rises rapidly in this period. Okey, fine.

No more free samples next time. I got scolded by both my boss and you in this forum. that’s funny. Finally I pay the extra shipping cost for you. And I got nothing ?

You didn’t try to cover extra shipping costs, you tried to shove more product down my throat so I didn’t feel like I was getting fucked by your ridiculous shipping prices

I just offered you a price break, see if you can accept it. Like I sad before it’s cost effective. Who pushed you to place your order?

Sorry I shouldn’t have offered that method to try. That’s definitely my fault. Sorry.

But, none of us made that order in the end. And honestly that the price I got that time.

Above are those method I offered you for a most cost effective price.

And below is what I said 60 for all , I’ll take care of the rest charges

I’ve said what I needed to say. :beers: