Know of any good extractioneer blogs?

Looking for places where a good extractor logs their experience with different equipment and techniques… stuff like that?
Thanks guys!


You’re on the best forum in the world for that, just type in the search bar whatever you may want to inquire knowledge about & indulge yourself in the awesome community we all work hard to come together & put forth the action of helping one another level up through righteousness. Any specifics you may have questions about most if not all of us will be more than glad to help.


If not*

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Good eye! One hand with the daughter being fed lol


True that! This is a great community. But information seeking on forums is very specific, whereas bloggers take a wider-stroke approach.
Basically wanna be able to find some good people and read what they have to say about everything instead of looking up their profile and clicking around to what they’ve said about this topic and that ya know?

Sounds like you want a consultant.

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Plenty of us on here are willing to do consultations with clients & investors just a DM I got a few I’m helping currently can always take on more!

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Ditto! @Cheebachiefextracts

@APS It’s all right here baby! I love it the place has got me making better diamonds than my WA State (I’m east coast)source! Not to mention better vapes or anything else I wanna search and learn!

Otherwise read read read and start that BLOG




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