Kiefing Extracted Herb

Hey all,

One of the other people at my facility apparently heard that you can kief extracted herb, and apparently get extract yielded out of the kief somehow. Apparently he was told that the kief from extracted herb can be re-added to a fresh column, extracted like that, and will produce higher yields.

This doesn’t really sounds right to me at all. If the herb was adequately extracted, wouldn’t the kief be fully stripped of all the cannabinoids as well?

Running fresh kief sure packed into a fresh column, sure, that might increase yields, but kief harvested from already extracted herb shouldn’t have very much or anything left in it at all, should it?

I think we’d get more of a benefit from simply using one of those shredders to break up all our material…

Grind size and packing density will effect your yield. Good practice is to chart your incoming and outgoing material for weight to see ball park what your extracting, compare it to the potency test of the material to see how close you came.
If you examine trichcomb heads with a microscope you should see that they are hollow and broken after extraction, if they are still intact you weren’t that efficent. Your weight math will indicate this too. Theoretically you shouldn’t get much yield re- running the keif if it was done right the first time. It sounds like your friend is packing too tight, or not using enough solvent /channeling. I’d be willing to bet that the second extract from the re run keif also contains more lipids as well. I’ll also let @cyclopath chime in here about the wonders of gc!

It works. Is it worth your time? I dunno

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In our lab we take the blasted (CO2/HC) waste, tumble it with dry ice to shake the kief off, and put that through ethanol extraction like everything else. Our yields are around 15-20% yield final distillate to starting crude mass. It’s pure profit from waste

Yikes, that much left? Have you tried tweaking your perameters to get a better yeild?


Our Ethanol extraction is a separate entity to the CO2/HC extraction lab. We dig through their ‘waste’ for their kief. Most of the time we’re running what’s called floor material…the trimmings from the bucking rooms, what falls on the floor, as well as other material from other companies who’s crop went tits-up.

I’m glad you’ve optimized your waste stream. There’s nickles in the streets!


Thanks for the replies everyone. The idea sounded a little fishy to me, but I try to remain open minded.

We ended up taking a sample of kief harvested from already-ran material and have sent it into the laboratory for cannabinoid testing.

I’ll post the numbers here once we get them in so we can get some more objectivity as to whether or not it will actually be worth our time and effort.