Keller Reagent - for organic chem

Looking for the Formula for Keller Reagent, not for metal etching. I have been searching up and down for the Formula. I understand it is very small quantities of Ferric Chloride, acetic acid And concentrated sulfuric.acid. given the possibilities, Any assistance would be awesome. I am trying to detect the presence of alkaloids in an extracted slurry.

not trying to be flippant but have you asked Google?

Maybe try a forum dedicated specifically to chemistry

All signs point to Keller’s reagent, an etchant, which is different. I hit many different posts, PF Tek, gottleib, but nothing has the actual formula. I try not to ask dumb questions, but there is nothing as far as formulas. Ratios of Ferric Chloride/Acetic Acid (glacial)/sulfuric acid. That is all Im lookong for.

I think you have something else in mind…

Are you thinking of Dragendorff reagent?

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@Nbcblamo did you ever figure this out? I find myself in the same predicament currently…

That’s because there is not one set of in puts for Keller’s regent. It is dependant on what your are trying to etch or react/detect.

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