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Question for the community.

Of those knowledgable about the distillation of cannabinoids has anyone ever distilled crude extract that has not only been dewaxed but also de-terpened?

The question is seeking to find out if to date all seperation of terpenes from the crude compound are done with heat? Has anyone else ever distilled crude that has never been in a boiling pot with a very hot mix of evaporating terpene compounds?

A puzzle has emerged lol and I am curious as to your thoughts. Hypothetical lab then in think tank mode.

What if we only had terps and mixed only terps together and then fractionally distilled them using mantle temps as high as 200C or more irregardless of vacuum or oxygen present or need to carry that kind of temp to do it? Would the expected outcome be a clean seperation of intact terpenes representing the same starting mix of terps above or would a sizzling hot boiling flask or anything else in this scenario alter the fractioned results in some way?

Intense heat would break them down, the terps would probably flash off pretty quick. Might be a very violent boil with lots of bumping. Might be wicked stinky too!


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Stinky as in first run distillate lolz? What do you suppose those stinky things are? I have always wondered just what the heck that toxic smell is.

I always assumed they were boken bits of terpenes or terpenes that reacted to for a new compound. I don’t much care for the smell of the cold traps after a distillation.:face_vomiting:


Well if you distill mother liquor terps under vacuum they don’t come out smelling like they do when you distill crude…

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This month I ran the isolate without ever boiling the cannabinoid with terpenes other than trace terpenes and at temps lower than about 120C even for the trace terps present and were removed. So no boiling along with terpenes. I also did a likely unrelated procedure whereas gas evolved while in vacuum under UVB light when the compound still looked a bit green. I also added American Hardwood carbon powder to the final boil only. Gas evolved after a (coining an easy to use phrase here…pausing is awe…) Mean Free Path distillation as well under the UVB.

(NOTE: “MFP Distillation” is copyright 2018 Beaker) :thinking:

The difference this month is before I always noticed by this time a surface trace of red forming on the stuff. There seems to be more pure compound recovery too than usual but it without question is not taking on any trace of red atm from being taken out to dab. I am gonna leave a dab out in a petri dish today and let it sit out. As a user of this stuff something is just a bit different too - I am using less this month than normal but getting… really high lolz. One lab is one lab but maybe you can spot something in my anecdotal account? At first glance it appears that bypassing the breakdown products of terpene removal is huge for my purposes. It sure is a time saver for me too the way I am set up.

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