Just got this KCA HHC COA apperently its 88% (R)-HHC, too good to be true?

HHC-KCA.pdf (1.2 MB)

Still waiting on the full COA. Vendor claims that the starting material was hemp. I personally thought this was impossible to do in an economical way and the unidentified 10% really dont make me feel any better.

Let me know what you guys think

As I understand, the R vs S content is determined by the d9 content of the starting material. To achieve high R, one has to first achieve high d9 conversion.

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I know this batch number, not scaled…


This is synthetic

There’s a synthesis for pure 9R using a certain terpene

I was well aware this isnt realistic, was just curious since ive never even seen a KCA COA like this.

or do some pretty slick catalysis. Not many in our industry are equipped for that work however…

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Hey @eyeworm do you plan to answer about the 2nd kg which was shipped back to you including confirmation of usps that you’ve received it? :slight_smile: Would be great to get any kind of compensation or at least some kind of customer service.