Jungle Boys Tax Raid

Jungle Boys got raided for 66k taxes owed. According to posts.


Do everything right and we still get guns to our faces. In a state with 20+ years of forms of legal Marijuana.

What is the point of playing by the rules if you get the same exact results?


It’s like they hadn’t been paid 18M already. I’m going to guess there is more to it than this. I know if I’d been paid 18M in a year I think that I could hold off on the 66k.


They disputed the 66k late fee imposed when they couldn’t pay taxes during the initial covid wave and had a court date already in place, this is absolutely to send a message to all other cannabis companies that you do what we say or well raid your company


Rather childish if you ask me. The only message I’d be sending if I were a government officail would be is you guys are doing a hell of a job keep slinging that green and bring me my cut!!! It sounds like that’s the Cali way though everything is a$$backwards!!


Would you give them an official government approved hat pin too in that world? Certified heady from the feds! Maybe some dread beads?


Only if it were worn backwards

YOU ANSWERED CORRECT. Here’s your government issue ‘Tom’s of maine’ deodorant - we will be sending a representative to your dispensary monthly to make sure ‘you keep spittin that ill shit’. Fines will be levied if you try to sell nug before saying the percentage 25 times in a row and looking annoyed when they want to smell it.


Brought to you by the Biden administration….




Go ukraine!


I’m over the top about this. What​:clap: the​:clap: actual​:clap: fuck :clap: This is just frightening to me.

Here in the third leg of the Emerald Triangle, our legacy farmers who have paid tens of thousands of dollars annually for the last three years, have never gotten more than a provisional license. This year, because of Anti groups, ineptitude and complete fuckery, it looks like no licenses will be granted.

The antis are warning, with great pressure, the up-for-re-election sheriff that if he doesn’t eradicate every farm on the list of previously licensed, currently non-licensed, grows, they will not support him. The local cannabis community FAR outnumbers the antis but refuses to vote. We might be electing a sheriff who would act most like this.

The irony is, most of these antis consider themselves to be small government conservatives. Hah! Since of them even call themselves Christian. Double Hah! Imagine what it would take for you to call on militarized police to handle your neighbor. Short of human trafficking, I can’t think of anything.

This is California, folks. It’s not good. Not good at all.