Jumping into the CBD game but need some help refining my isolate

I started with 100ml of untested CBD distillate and roughly 250 ml of pentane. I lost some pentane during mixing due to evaporation but that was as planned. After distillate was seemingly fully dissolved into pentane around 40 C° I placed in freezer for 15 minutes. My freezer is not very cold and reaches around -3 C. Once the solution was down to about 10 C I sprinkled a fingerprint of pure isolate from Mile High in order to to start the crystallization. My understanding is that as the temp drops the saturation level decreases and cbd must drop out. The crystallization was immediate and apparent. Withing 1 hour I pour off the remains liquid and am left with my isolate. I save the leftover liquid for another crash. The uploaded photos are the isolate with and without my flash on.
So, my questions are these:

  1. With colder temps, more cbd will crystallize on the first crash right?

  2. How can I make my isolate more of a white powdery substance similar to isolate I’ve purchased from suppliers. Mine is very similar but doesn’t seem quite as pure.

I’d recommend slowly ramping down to -20°C before pouring off. The slower you temp ramp the outer your crystals. If also recommend doing a second crystalizations of your initially crashed material.

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You can change the pentane ratio too, that changes purity

Increasing pentane more decreases yours unless you reduce temp more, but that results in THC thickening in the CBD lattice reducing your purity.