Jet fuel OG

I’ve been in search of Jet Fuel OG for a couple of years now and every lead ends up to be a dead end. Can anyone point me in the right direction to finding a cut. Thanks!

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Last time i saw that was west coast cure jet fuel og sauce early last year , not sure if they’re still around to reach out to

Perris og is fire too


I just saw some the other day. Was thinking to grab some cuttings for ourselves. I’ll let you know if it works out and maybe can get you some genetics


I think it’s Paris OG (not trying to nitpick, just make it easier to find the strain)

Archive Seedbank does a lot of these crosses but just to cross one thing off your list, Race Fuel OG was nothing to write home about. I think they were trying to appeal to Jet Fuel OG but it’s not very gassy.


I have a fire og and a hells Angel’s OG thats pretty epic.


i have some sunshine sherbet that will absolutely lock you to your couch.


I’ll see if my buddy still has the jet fuel cut I gave him a couple years back.


I got some maybe a half oz from Toluca Lake Collective about 5 years ago. I got jet fuel, race fuel, face off, a bunch of them.

It might not be from archive but maybe a seed company TLC deals with in california has 350 jet fuel og

May we talk…

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pm me

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They have cuts for $350 each?

Thats a joke. My homie has it for $20.


Your homie is loaded :grin::grin:

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Funny thing is I would trust his $20 jet fuel all day long.

If u get a $100 cut from him its going to be something special

I didn’t see any $100 cuts where those at? Super secret page?

u gotta know where to look

anybody who scores one feel free to kick me a cut :upside_down_face:


not to be confused with the $100 OGkush aka $100 bill OG from hollywood. It’s not all that :star_struck:

now 91 PK hollywood cut wow! (not topanga canyon, also fire)

its all in the eye of the beholder.

Know your roots, and know where we came from because if you don’t, you won’t learn from others mistakes

Maybe one day youll have a guy like that as your homie. Trust me he has come thru for me has some.decent cuts/selection. I’ve moved a few on there.

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