Jacketed Reactor vs. Nutsche Filter for CBD

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has used a nutsche filter for their CBD crystallization. It seems like a jacketed reactor that just has a built in filter/washer. Are they over kill, unnecessary, or better for a different application?

In this case I am not really worried about bang for the buck and am looking for the best solution even if it has additional cost. Appreciate any feedback or comments!


Also curious on this… Like you said, these things just seems like small reactors with a few added features… Almost sure just a reactor would work fine.
Anyone using one of these, I’d love to hear some feedback…

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One huge benefit of the filter reactors is the ability to crystalyse then wash your crystals/powder in the same vessel! If you’ve got the budget just think of the man hours and decreased spills saved not having to scoop out your isolate then add to a filter to clean. They will pay for themselves it’s just a matter of how long it will take.


Yeah, makes perfect sense. Thank you sir!