Jacket Centrifuge 15L-860L in stock for sale,DM get more details.

Item: Jacket Centrifuge 15L-860L

Location: China

Price: 6665-48050USD



What is the processing time per run for the 860l?
What is the final product?
What are the dimensions of the centrifuge?

Thank you.


  1. about 20minutes per batch per time.
  2. if you mix the hemp with ethonal, the final product will be the hemp mixure solution.
  3. this model size is 21.51.7m

What is the FOB Portland Oregon USA for the 860l?
If you have a 3,000 liter per hour FFE I would like specs and delivered price for it as well.

Look into membranes if you’re going to spend that kind of money on evaporation.

Membranes use 20% the power and can do the exact same thing as a ffe without evaporating


I second this for the scale you’re looking at. FFE is wonderful for small-commercial scale but industrial scale would benefit both coat-wise and energy-wise from a membrane system over FFE

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Yes, we have the 3000L per hour FFE. My Colleague has quoted you it by email, please kindly check.
if you need the price of centrifuge, you can just continue to reply her email. she will reply you in time.