Isomerization to Delta 8 THC

Oh? How old is it? Has it been opened in moist air?

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Less than 4 mo old and only opened once in CO…so normally very arid air.

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Hi LostBiologist! I wanted to ask is there a specific reference for the room temperature sulphuric acid in Glacial acetic acid method? Would it be one of the R. Adams JACS papers? I’d be grateful if you could send me a reference if you have one.

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I have analysed 99+ CBD powders from various origins. Most of them usually comes with 0.3-0.5% CBDv as well.


I’m fascinated with this chemical process and have been actively reading on it for the last few months. My research has brought me to the conclusion that I need a reactor vessel, a selection of readily available reagents and some bulk CBD isolate to give this experiment a go.

How many large scale producers are making use of this process?

How does the final converted matter take form? Distillate? Isolate powder?

Are we unknowingly seeing this product on the consumer market currently?

I can confirm that using activated charcoal does work for converting, using short path.


It works but not 100% conversion
Tosic acid works better

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I saw this catalyst mentioned in another thread. Do you have any experience with it? Do you know if it causes less D10/CBC conversion than T41? That’s the only other catalyst I have heard of that causes complete isomerization, but leaves significantly high levels of D10/CBC.

@Photon_noir had a slip of the tongue in another tread a while back
That s how I came about it
Very clean conversion in my case of about 80 % with little unknown s


You use it in the bf or lle? How much?

In a reflux setup it s been a while some patents on the net
And other members that can give details there was a tread yesterday where we talked about it
Tosic acid about 10drops on the liter at 90 c for 12 hours


Ptosic acid is a solid, usually sold as a monohydrate. It works on CBD in alkane solvent at much lower temperatures than 90°C.


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How is this done ? I just did a run and it came back 16% delta 9, 64% delta 8. Not sure what we did different on this run