Isomerization of CBD Isolate with C-Bleach

Apologies in advance as I know this is a newbie question here, but I have scoured the forums and not found the precise info I’m after, or (more likely) I have not been able to interpret it properly. I am interested in converting a small quantity of CBD isolate powder into Δ8/9.

I previously tried using some Amazon-ordered activated bleaching earth + MCT oil at 100C for ~30min. This definitely did result in some conversion, but left a horrible smell and taste. I filtered 3 times and it improved, but was still quite fecund and not really something you’d want to consume.

This brings me to experiment 2. I have acquired some T41 C-Bleach I’d like to try with. Here are my questions:

  • What should I dissolve the CBD isolate into? An edible oil? I’ve seen ethanol mentioned, but I don’t think the solution could reach the required temperatures for isomerization - maybe I’m wrong on that.
  • Most importantly, if this is destined to be in edible oil form, is it sufficient to simply filter the resultant slurry? I don’t really have the quantity or chemistry knowledge (yet) to try fractional distillation.

Here is my proposed SOP:

  • Dissolve 1g CBD isolate into 50ml high-quality MCT
  • Heat in small flask with stir bar to 100C
  • Add 2.5g C-Bleach
  • Continue stirring at 100C for 30 min.
  • Cool
  • Filter with 11micron paper
  • Consume?

My hope was that these clays would provide a less difficult means of isomerization (compared to using something like sulfuric acid). Again, apologies for my naivete - I have been reading a lot and deeply appreciate the accumulated knowledge in these forums.

Thanks for any info you can offer.

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Why the mct?
You can melt the cbd Ad clay leave hot for a while Cool down and Ad ethanol
Filter Evaporate etho of and done


Carbon Chemistry’s t-41 is sulfuric acid-activated Bentonite clay

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I’m not so sure about eating oil that was treated with cbleach but not distilled. Call me crazy but that doesn’t seem like a great idea.


Ah - I didn’t consider dry heating. So with an ethanol filtering at the end, it should effectively remove all the material from the c-bleach right? Thanks for the pointers.

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One should always be cautious about what they put in their body, but keep in mind that T41 was designed to be used in Soy, palm, and coconut oil purification.


Don t usesulfuric acid i tried doesn t work

So sounds like one would use t41 in a boiling flask @100c for about 30 min ? Use ethanol filter ,roto, and distill?

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C bleach was asked not t 41 If iT is correct that t41 is sulfuric acid activated i would not heat the mixture at all

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