Isolate/terp rocks/diamonds for noobs

Throwing out a hail mary, but where could I find a comprehensive, or at least good starting point, for making diamonds/crystals from terps and isolate? Working on new formulations, but cannot find a good, comprehensive, LAYMANS terms guide for making isolate blends, that will crystalize. I have thrown some terps and isolate in a jar, and got some fairly soft rocks over the course of a few days, but I realize there is more to it. Sounds like pressure, time, and temep cycles are key. Anybody who wants to share, I am all ears! Cheers!

Have you tried reading through this thread yet?

If you search all around and can’t find anything that screams “that’ll work” maybe it’s time to hit up someone for a quick phone consultation. @StoneD comes to mind


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There is an entire section on the subject, AND at least fourty other threads started by folks who wanted exactly the same information spoonfed to them.


Go play with salt or sugar and water for a bit…


Isolate cbd? Just throw it in a jar with solvent and crash it out. Then break your puck up and add terps? Bonus points you probably could crash it in just a jar of terps.

What’s the ratio and amount


You kinda just gotta keep playing around imo, sounds like you have the basics down.

And sorry, but it’s layman’s terms!!! Lol.


Here’s someone starting with isolate…Refining THCA Isolate?

You’re gonna need to read…


When you say “isolate blends” are you trying to mix more than one cannabinoid?

If so you need to do way more reading.

Yes, if you work at it, you can learn to re-crystallize isolate by dissolving it (completely!!) using terpenes as your solvent.

However, as you need to dissolve completely, then evaporate your solvent slowly (which you learned playing with sugar), using terpenes as your reX (recrystallization) solvent is not the cheap or easy way to go at this.

If it’s about scary solvents, use ethanol…but pentane is the standard go to.

Once you HAVE the stones/rocks/diamonds then add the (expensive) terpenes to taste (rather than in excess and evaporating them off).


touche! I am proving myself as a layman, aren’t I?


I probably should have mentioned that I am not a chemist, nor do I have access to lab grade materials at all times. This is a home project I am messing with, so understandable that some of you are coming at me a little hard! :slight_smile:

Thank you, this was by far the most helpful response. I have CBD/CBN/CBG isolates to play with for crystallization. I have tried to read up on it, but most of it is clearly over my head, so I am just essentially trying to figure out the DIY version. I did make some interesting looking terp rocks already, just using isolates and terps. I do not plan on incorporating ethanol, pentane, or any solvents like that. So I am sure people are laughing at my ignorance, but I am here to learn.


It might be (I suspect playing with sugar first is a strong contender. Most dismiss it).

let me rephrase.

Isolates are generally made via crystallization. Because that’s what crystallization does, it makes (essentially) pure “chunks” of “stuff”.

Sometimes you can get co-crystals, and often you will get inclusions, but in general crystals are aggregates of identical molecules, it is WAY easier to get those aggregates if you don’t add anything but solvent, and adding molecules that almost look the same, is a great way of stopping crystal formation.


Check out (or remember) making rock candy. It’s literally the same process using different inputs, and solvents to make isolates. Most people will remember that science project from being a kid. Super saturation and all of that.


or u can do what he said?

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