Isolate liquidation

Just got a call from a banker who asked if I could help move 89 kilos of isolate from a processor that just went under. I’ve requested COAs. Any interest out there and feel free to shoot me a number you would be willing to pay. Sounds like they will hear all offers.

Sounds sketchy.

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Not sketchy. The processor that has run almost 600k lbs of our material was shut down by the bank. The bank needs to liquidate everything on site. I have material on site and the receiver called me to see if I had any interest in the isolate on hand. Like I said I am waiting on COAs.

$200 a kilo if i can see the COA email me at

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$200.99 for a kilo :wink:


Is be interested once i see a coa and hear a price

I will post what I get once the receiver sends it to me.

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I’ll take em at 201

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ill take all of them for $202 :smiley:

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250 a kg; cash money. Dm me


250 all day

I am supposed to get the COAs tomorrow. I will let you all know what comes my way.

I’ll take 20 at 250.

Ill take 20 at 255


I’ll take 5 at 400 with COA of course.

50 @400 please

If their open to splitting it up I’d take 15kg @ $450/ea

I’ll take all 89 at 300.

I will make it easy . If the product is good I will take all of them at 450.00.

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lol were making this too easy for em but lets keep the bidding going, looks like fun
Ill take one at $450.99