Isolate in Europe?

Does anyone know of marketplaces like in Europe? I’ve read on this forum that prices in Poland are pretty good, but didn’t find any in my Googling attempts.

I’m a liitle bit scared ordering from the US because it might get stuck in customs. Unless one of the verified slangers here has experience shipping to Belgium, in that case DM please.


Had been quoted 3250 euros 500grams/ 1kg 5900€ i believe it was within europe for Tfree 99.8% . that is with insurance/delivery and such but ofc need to be a company to purchase.

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Belgium seems to enforce the novel food regulation, but I’ll send you a dm

My concern aswell in my country. Its tempting to buy from US. but dont know if i dare.

Will they confiscate it in customs? or will they send it back when its from a legit company/legal where is coming from. Would make it possible to take the chance and get your money back if agreed between seller 'n buyer.

If they see it as illegal goods they will confiscate & destroy and probably sue you too. That’s why I contacted authorities before making an order. I asked FAGG (federal agency for medicine), FAVV (federal agency for food safety) and customs about it. If something goes wrong, at least I have something to defend myself with.

It think it’s best to contact authorities in your country. In Belgium this was very easy and I got an answer within days from people high up the chain, like the head of FAGG and a lawyer working for FAVV. They also released a document with frequently asked questions. I’ll translate some of it as it’s in Dutch and French:

What does the legislation under the responsibility of the FAMHP say about products containing CBD (cannabidiol) or parts of a cannabis plant derived from a cannabis plant with a content not exceeding 0.2% THC and THC-acid (also called hemp)?

CBD is currently not endorsed by the Royal Decree of 6 September 2017 on the regulation of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances. Also cannabis plants (and derivatives) with a content not higher than 0.2% THC (+ THC-acid), as they are grown for the fibres, are not subject to this royal decree.
This means that the Drugs Act (Act of 24 February 1921, see above) does not apply, but this does not mean that anyone with CBD or hemp can simply manufacture or sell products. The legislation on medicines, food (supplements), cosmetics … must be respected.

Products based on CBD can meet the definition of a medicine, depending on its composition (daily dose of CBD) and/or the presence of therapeutic indications (=on the packaging or in the information and advertising for the product).

Therapeutic CBD products are therefore medicines and cannot simply be put on the market. These products must have a marketing authorisation (MA), be produced and marketed by pharmaceutical companies, and can only be supplied by pharmacies.

To date, no drug has been authorised in Belgium with only CBD. In Belgium, Sativex is licensed, but this is a combination of CBD and THC.

In the United States of America a drug against epilepsy based on cannabidiol has been licensed.
For more information about the authorisation procedure for herbal medicines, please contact

What does the legislation under the responsibility of the FPS Public Health say about products containing CBD (cannabidiol) or parts of a cannabis plant derived from a cannabis plant with a content not exceeding 0.2% THC and THC-acid (also called hemp)?

For detailed questions on this subject, the FAMHP refers you to the FPS Public Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment, which is responsible for this matter.

Even if a preparation, due to a low dose and the absence of therapeutic indications, is not a medicine, it is still very difficult to market it as a food supplement, because food supplements enriched with CBD are considered to be novel foods. Novel foods may not be placed on the market without prior authorisation under Regulation (EU) No 2015/2283, which is not yet the case for CBD. The sale of such food supplements on the basis of CBD is therefore not permitted.

For more information and to know the current status, please contact the FPS Public Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment at and

We note that products based on CBD are also marketed as cosmetics. CBD in cosmetics is subject to the restrictions laid down in Annex II to the European Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 on cosmetic products, and in particular to point 306, which prohibits the ingredients listed in Tables I and II of the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, signed in New York on 30 March 1961.

Cannabis extracts and tinctures are therefore prohibited, with the exception of extracts obtained from seeds and leaves when they are not accompanied by the flowering or fruit-bearing buds of the cannabis plant. In addition, the person responsible for placing on the market in the European Union must have a technical file drawn up for each cosmetic product and keep it at the disposal of the authorities in accordance with the provisions of European Regulation 1223/2009.
If you have any questions about cosmetics, please contact

Cannabidiol-based products are also sometimes marketed as vaporising liquids for electronic cigarettes. Again, there is the same risk that they may fall within the definition of a medicinal product by therapeutic indications or by the daily dose.

What does the legislation say about products (other than those listed above) containing CBD (cannabidiol) or hemp?

If the product is not intended for human or animal consumption and there are absolutely no therapeutic indications, directly or indirectly, this can in principle be marketed (e.g. dried plant parts for decorative purposes or potpourri).

Translated with DeepL.

So basically you can’t make topicals, make edibles, make claims about health benefits, can’t even sell it for human consumption or smoking, can’t advertise it or put pictures on your website, yet it’s not illegal. They actually stated that you can sell the flowers as ‘pot pourri’ and many people opened up shops and did exactly that. All of them were harassed by police. Within months there was a new law and now flowers have to be sold with tax bands as a tobacco alternative. CBD boosters and oil are still being sold though by many vape shops, as well as isolate.


Check out out of Warsaw, I personally inspected the lab and sat down with the head extractor (shout out to Lobo), they source from certified EU hemp, and also carry CBG isolate.

Not selling for them or related to them, this is just the quotes I got when trying to find a toll processor for 16tons of Lithuania hemp as of a month ago.

Tolling process :
99% CBD isolate €2500/kg
(efficiency 35-40% of 4+% CBD biomass)

68-75% CBD Distillate THC<0.2% €3500/kg
(efficiency 40-45% of 4+% CBD biomass)

Products price list :
99% CBD isolate €4500/kg
68-75% CBD Distillate €5200/kg
Re-profile terpenes : €2000/Liter
Hemp terpenes: €2500/Liter


Are you from Lithuania? I’m buying kief there. It seems like a good country to source CBD products.

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Negative, American working for Israelis in Europe because Im not jewish and can’t get a longterm visa :smile:

Depends, a lot of the farms there that haven’t been bought out and vertically inter-grated have shit genetics, 2-3% CBD generally, most of the extractors won’t touch it because they are getting 5-9% from Italy-Spain-Switzerland-Poland.

Kannastar wouldn’t even run the Lithuanian hemp because there analytics came in at 2.2-2.4% , would be a waste of time for them. That same 16tons have been floating around the Eastern European hemp space for over a year now, Ive had about 4 different brokers approach me about the same load lol.

If you were doing topicals it would probably be good to source from.

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Wow, that sucks for the farmer. I’m guessing it’s Felina of Futura hemp? No, topicals are not legal in my country. I liked the kief after seeing what 2 grams of the Endoca stuff is worth, but I’m especially looking for isolate and broad spectrum oil. Sadly prices in Europe, even Eastern Europe are crazy compared to the US, so I rolled the dice and made an order there. Fingers crossed!

Can’t disclose the name - discretion and all that good shit.

check out nectar tek out of las vegas, they were running around berlin offering 3500$ kilos to all the swiss and spanish producers this summer and seemed to have a handle on shipping into EU. I saw you had a run in with Hauns of Organic Theraputics, we linked him up a with a buyer in the UK, the samples never made it, so take that how ever you want.

Personally 5-6$ grams for sure beats 2-4$ with liability

good luck with the delta 8/9 conversion, I was waiting for someone to start trying this in Europe.

Yeah, about that, I have LOT more reading to do :sweat_smile: But it’s definitely on my to-do list! Thanks anyway and thanks for the info too!

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I already started with delta8/9 conversion on Europe by accident


gonna do it in europe on purpose :smile:

Is it really worth it to make a conversion instead of extract it?

it becomes illegal when you do, but yes, but also a diffrent market.

I’m talking about the quality of the product, will be the same or different?

I think the issue for most people in Europe is that they can’t legally have lots of plants to smoke or extract THC from. When you have to source it from others it’s a liability which can get you in serious legal problems. And with current CBD isolate prices conversion is the cheapest way to acquire high purity delta 9.

If I was in a position where I could grown my own, I don’t think I would be interested in converting it from CBD. I prefer the plant as it is, the full spectrum high and taste that comes with it. Great Moroccan hashish is also very desirable to the people who don’t have it. You sir, are a very lucky man :smile:

I haven’t had any issues shipping throughout Europe: UK, Germany, Austria, Italy, Portugal, Poland. Isolate, distillate and finished products.

Always looking to expand into other territories :slight_smile:

Looks like even novel foods are no longer a problem in Belgium. This guy made a bread based on 15% hemp seeds and it will be sold in Carrefour supermarkets next month.

Novel foods applies to solvent extracted CBD. So if he was using flower or stock that isn’t processed with say CO2, ethanol, BHO, etc. then he won’t be in violation of novel food goods.

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