Isolate For Sale - Denver

Hey, I have 19kg available for purchase in my possession in Denver.
1-3kg, $5000/kg
4-10kg, $4900/kg
11-19kg, $4800/kg

DM for COA and POL

NATURES VISION CBD Isolate - Potency(1).pdf (161.6 KB)

dat 101% COA


I know. While it’s good that they are (probably) reporting their actual results, is funny that they are telling the world they haven’t calibrated their standards perfectly


That’s not unusual fo Botanacor. I had to have a conversation with their lab director recently after receiving reports with high CBNA in CBD distillate. After the first test I even took the extra step of decarbing the distillate again at 300F for 90 minutes. Still tons of CBNA. The lab director agreed that it wasn’t CBNA but would not provide a chromatagram. Instead he had the lab recalibrate and rerun. Magically it looked like normal CBD distillate. I’m done with them now.

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Who are you using instead of Botanacor?

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Agriscience is good but you’ll need access to METRC tags via a co-op. I just spoke with them a couple weeks ago about mailing samples too. They said they have been in discussions with the postmaster and apparently there is a change coming soon with them removing the .3% limit. Possibly early June.

I’m also looking out of state at C4 in Mesa, AZ and ProVerde in Milford, MA.

Haven’t used a METRC tag since I stopped making diamonds :(, I kinda miss it lol. Thanks for the heads up. Have you used Altitude before? I have received COA’s in this area completed by them before.

Don’t know your states transit restrictions but Avazyme is on the up and up based out of NC. They use complete curve reporting so you won’t see 100%+.

Their residual solvents results are slow to return, like a month lead time. Other than that they are good.

CO is probably the least restrictive state with regards to CBD and hemp.

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I don’t know about that nomadgt. You actually need a hemp license to sell biomass/cbd if you are in Colorado. Can’t legally do it unless licensed by the Dept Of Agr there. Other states not required, so I would say Colorado is one of the toughest to deal with, NO?

Only growers are licensed in CO. Processors are not.


Spent me so long to get my head wrapped around that fact

Yeah its definitely not the norm compared to other states. Of course we still have to adhere to fire and health codes but other than that it’s pretty wide open.

Im sorry, but I do not see one fact in the link you sent me that says you are immune from having to have a license in the sale of hemp/cbd? Lets try my link and see if maybe one of us might be right in this subject

Well there is no one issuing licences to processors here and I don’t know of a single processor that has a license either. Are you in Colorado?

Processors in Colorado don’t need any special licensing. iirc if you are re-selling biomass you need a commodities handlers license.
Isolate still available.


See the question titled " Do the Farm Products or Commodity Handlers Acts regulate any action of the dealer beyond the financial purchase of the farm product or commodity?"

Apologies for the hijacked thread Lemon_G!!

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No worries at all, I always enjoy discussion and you’ve been helpful with analytical lab recommendations. If anything, thank you.

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