Isolate, and distillate

99.5% CBD isolate. Clean full panel 10kg available. $21,000 for the whole lot
Fresh Suver Haze distillate – 85% CBD with 3% CBC and just under 1% CBG, clean full panel
68kg in stock with 220kg becoming available in the next week.
Orders of 10+kg are $2,600/kg

This hot or t free the disty?

Hot distillate

How hot we talking?

2% THC on this distillate

How much for one kilo?

What state are you in?

Of distillate or isolate?

Chicago, Illinois and looking for isolate

I could do a single for a few hundred extra dollars per. Are you willing to receive it in the mail?

Yes as long as we can do a signature and insurance. Fedex is like $1 per $100 in value.