ISO/WTB 1/4L Compliant Hemp Distillate

Perferabbly good color and texture (shouldnt be runny).

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You might want to ask for a full liter of T-free distillate. Prices are dirt cheap as compared to last year at this time. I suggest @Bret_HoneyGold. This is what you will get, everytime.

If you go with him.
Im pretty sure you will find it hard to get any level 3, to break up a liter of CBD.
I could be wrong, iv been wrong before “Steve”. :upside_down_face:


$300 per kg, no MOQ. If I had a little more money I would look to split one, but I’m strapped right now. (I don’t even know what I’d do with it honestly)

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Compliant, is what he is asking for. So stay clear of the non compliant products. @HempNoob you need to ask for T-free, or we are going to have another “throw the slanger under the bus” thread.


My bad, I thought that they were compliant. Sorry

What is the difference between T-free and compliant? or is using T-free a better term to use when asking for compliant distry? Also that distillate from bret looks FIRE.

Haha id say the term “throw the slanger under the bus” is a biiiiit of a strech for that whole situation. More of a “Slanger should advertise products as they are” But I agree with the point your making



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T-free is compliant, as is 0.3% THC. Your going to pay more for the T-free, as it requires an extra step for the processor. It’s also possible to buy non-compliant disty, that perhaps the seller assumes YOU are going to make compliant. I recommend you stay away from that scenario.


Compliant = <0.3% Delta 9 THC
T-free (also compliant) = Ø% (<LOD) Delta 9 THC

Why do some people prefer non detect thc vs compliant (.3% thc)?

Certain people want there to be “NO” thc in their products due to their career or job that requires piss tests.

Some people dont care and just want it to be legal.


Even isolate has trace amount of THC though (usually .01-.03%)? Does anyone know of any research that has been done on what level of THC in a normal dose will make you piss hot?

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Ive never heard of isolate making someone fail the piss test, but i have heard people failing when they “only” used full spec or “broad” spec disty

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Always been curious what is the threshold. I have seen some “Broad Specs” that have .1% THC (because botanacor tends to give that a ND).

from my understanding its the continued use of products with low thc that will cause a failed test. slowly your body collects that thc and eventually gets enough to trigger a fail.

its very dependent on the users body make up and the amount they are taking and the consistency they are taking. shoot i can pass a drug test in like 3 days from not smoking but im also 120lbs wet and have no body fat, my buddy can stop smoking for 2 months and fail because hes a fatty lol