Iso water soluble cbd

Looking for current single kilo prices on water soluble cbd

what specs? 10%?

We (SoluScience) have single kilos of water soluble CBD. It comes as a flake that is 20% potent (200,000 mg of CBD). Each kilo of flake is $3900. Our product is crystal clear in water. It has very little taste. Our technology creates a hydrogen bond to the water. You can make beverages, tinctures, and gummies with it. The on-set time is between 3 and 9 minutes. Contact me if you are interested in ordering or need more information.

Boulder, Colorado

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@SoluScience_Travis has a really great product. Best water soluble cannabinoid solution I have tried yet.

Thank you sir :relaxed:

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Do you have any pictures I would like to see water soluble cbd Thank you