ISO quality CBN @ $4k/kilo

Title says it all!

I am a hemp processor looking for quality, high purity CBN at $4k/kilo. I have a fair amount of local demand for the cannabinoid and am interested In pursuing larger orders in the future!

I would prefer distillate but isolate is accepted! I am looking for something in the 97-99% range. Cbn seems to be overpriced with stagnant price drops compared to other cannabinoids. I feel as if $4k/kilo is a fair market price for the product, but if anyone would like to price me wrong with a better price I’m all game for it!

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Moved your post for you, but try and keep topics like this in the want to buy category under hempire building.



No sir thank you for letting me know!

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CBN Isolate 0521.7.1-7.pdf (1.3 MB)


That looks great please DM me!!!

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Why is there Delta 8 in your CBN? Are you using Iodene for conversion?

No we don’t use iodine in our conversion, the D8 is residual that co-crystalizes when we crash from D8 to CBN.

DM’d ya. :call_me_hand:t4:

We have 20Kg’s available, KCA tested @kcalabs , THC FREE, passes on all full-panel requirements.

We produce our CBN in-house and can keep up with any monthly demand needed.

Guaranteed THC free and 99+%
@kcalabs Has amazing detection and can confirm that our CBN is truly NDT D8/9.


I have ordered a kilo from @iLLnyeTheShatterGuy . Shipping was prompt, service was great, price was fair, product was excellent, and the packaging was slick. (Why aren’t we all using these Mylar bags with windows??) 10 out of 10 would recommend.


Yeah I second that! Nothing but high quality and quick shipping from the future compounds crew :call_me_hand:


You’re the man!! Glad we didn’t disappoint :raised_hands:t4:
Can’t wait to have our CBC, Δ¹⁰, and THCv available for everyone soon. I’ll send you some swag bags of everything once we get everything concluded.

Much appreciated brother :call_me_hand:t4::call_me_hand:t4:


Thank you brother!!! TeamKY_CBD all day :muscle:t4::muscle:t4: