ISO multi position digital magnetic heat plate stir

Where would I look?

as in takes more than one stir bar?

define how many, then ask the all knowing one…

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Would like to have a 10-15 multi position.
Yes more than one stir bar. Trying to find a good unit that can handle a distillate viscosity

dont buy chinese they are shit.

for high viscosity you can not go past overhead stirring.

trust me you will find that you get the best magnet couple you can and it still
will not come close to overhead.

I like to use a ptfe bearing with a ptfe stirrer and a low speed high torque remote control car motor
with a 6 mm diameter on the shaft and most important for lifespan under load and safety brushless.

couple that to a cheap dc variable lab power supply and you have a cheap strong and air tight
system that can be heated how ever you wish.

of course the ability to repair any part your self cheaply is a must.

use a cnc couple or shaft couple the ones that are flexable ($10 max each) to hook
the shaft to the stirrer.

you want 600 to 2000 rpm for the motor :slight_smile:

then just buy as many sets as you need.

it will work out cheaper than a multi station and will last longer and work with higher viscosity solutions.

and of course size is only a matter of stirrer size then so upgrade is dirt cheap


That sounds like a custom build, and I have to agree with @squig that you really can’t beat overhead stirring for viscous liquids.

I’d look at used cordless drills if I was building 5, but if you need 20 I can see that not being viable. I think I know where I could find 10 matching drills that were tossed because it was cheaper to buy a new drill than a new battery. Doubt I can come up with twenty.

good bye glass and for christs sakes dont get the cheap brushed drill the second you work with
solvents kablamo.

you will find the rc motors for like $40 each the stirrer and bearing for $15 to $20

most expensive bit will be the dc lab supply at about $60 to $70

Good point. My source thinks he might can come up with 15, maybe. You’re right they will likely be brushed. He’d probably take $50 for the lot.

I did forget to mention that overhead is no good for single neck flasks.

claisen head if you don’t have a multi neck flask is the go but it puts a lot of stress on the one neck.

in the end if your wanting to step up to multi setups you pay for what you get.

How about we chuck the drill motors and just keep the chuck and the clutch?

I see mason jars with custom ptfe lids. And I want something to grab them!

I can certainly respect the fancier glassware.

Just had to work to wrap my head around 15 boiling flasks in service concurrently :shushing_face:

if your not use nice glass then it doesnt matter so long as your not heating solvent near a brushed

truly though if your working volume its for the public and if thats the case you really owe them
the best you can get.

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Thanks for everyone’s response! Very beneficial, and useful.

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Do you have a solution you can show us?

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