ISO Mother Liquor L2L (Denver Area if possible)

Hey friends, I am looking for some labs that have some extra mother liquor sitting around. Looking for a relatively small amount to start, ~10kg. Doesn’t matter if there is residual pentane, as I will be distilling it once or twice. Would prefer something higher on the D9 (at least ~5%), and ideally located somewhere around the Denver area so I can pick it up locally. Although if it has to get shipped its not a big deal as long as the cannabinoids are there. Thank you future fam!

@cbd_temple Got any ins on this, buddy?


Unfortunately not at the time, appreciate checking tho homie @SubstituteCreature


You know I will every time!


stupid question but i’ve been told 3 different variations so let er rip boys… can you L2L sell mother liquor with a hemp processor/ handler license under the farm bill laws? im sure you cannot sell d9 concentrations above the .3%

Plenty of labs buy and sell full spec distillate with THC ~5%, as long as the final product is going to be under 0.3% I would think it is legal. Although if that is a wrong assumption, I would love to know.


If this were a wrong assumption many people would be locked up atm

Yo, we have some. DM me for more info.

Bump, Still looking

UPDATE: Found some oil