ISO indoor hemp flower


I am looking for indoor hemp flower. 1-2lbs per strain to start. Please provide pics and COAs to for consideration. Thanks!

I’m just curious me an a buddy we’re thinking about growing our own cbd flower what’s the price per lb going for current

I have seen prices from 800-2000 for indoor hemp flower, 600-1000 for greenhouse and 300-500 for outdoor

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Hoping to hear from any hemp farmers or consults on indoor or greenhouse farms harvesting currently

Hemp farmer here (indoor and outdoor). The prices you mentioned are pretty spot on. When we were offering our indoor hemp 1200 a lb is rather easy to move. 1600 a lb was a tougher sell but still will move. Supply and demand greatly favors the supply right now. Tobacco shops and the middle men that work with them will grab it all once they know you can provide consistently. Those tobacco shops are selling $50 1/8’s and don’t have the crazy taxes the dispensaries have. So when you do the math there is no reason they can’t pay whatever you need. Plus the international demand for USA grown high quality CBD flower is absolutely skyrocketing so I see attractive pricing holding steady for some time. Hope that helps!