ISO: Extraction and distillation expert med/large lab

Hey everyone, thanks for reading. A little picture of who I am and what I am looking for.

I am the Co owner of RB Labs, a start up extraction and distillation facility in the LA/Long Beach area. We have currently secured a building, hired all relevant archeitchets, legal, space design etc and have submitted our local licensing.

What we are in search of now is someone who is an expert in the actual extraction and distillation process who can help us with the best equipment selection, assist in making sure all equipment is being used correctly (train staff) as well as be a general sounding board as we make these expensive decisions. Experience in both Ethanol and butane is a huge help. Lab is 3500sqft and we are acquire a type 6 and type 7 license.

At face value I always tend to put this under the “consultant” category but I would like to point out we are more than open to exploring bringing someone on full time if the fit is great! I don’t waste or take advantage of anyone’s time so if you feel you meet this criteria we can have a brief convo and then discuss your rates and start with a phone consultation (paid)

Ps: I have a few messages out with people already but haven’t heard back so wanted to put this to the group

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I’m curious. Don’t you feel it’s rather “cart before the horse” to setup and permit a business like this before actually knowing how to make the product on your intended scale?

On paper, a job opportunity like this would be a good fit for me, I have the skills and some of the equipment necessary to do this, but not the money to setup a permitted workplace. You are in the opposite position.

I’m interested in your job offer but I worry there might be some outside investors involved that have unrealistic expectations, as is typical in this field, or that possibly you yourself as the business owner may be under such expectations due to technical inexperience in the field.


Thank you for the comments. The position has been filled

Sir if you have some time to chat with me. Im in So. Cal well versed in the distillate industry. Give me a ring at 9093001664 ask for Michael. I’ll help discuss what options are available on both equipment and distillate products and related products.