ISO 200 kg CBD Isolate

All of my toll processing contracts are paid processing so I don’t get to slang any of the isolate we’re producing…yet

But that means more biz for the rest of the homies!

Weekly contracts. Initial order of 50kg tomorrow and 50kg Monday.

Followed by weekly contract of 200kg. The weekly order must be GMP certified.

DM me for budget and logistical discussion.

Please don’t fuck around.

And please calculate your commission before offering me any prices.

are you looking for the product? or looking to sell it??

iso means in search of. so i would say he is looking.

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Verification is required

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I’m looking for someone who is verified to sell.

I am verified. DM me menu, inventory and pricing.

Hey there!

You’ve probably gotten a lot of messages already but here is my pitch:

We are currently having a huge isolate sale if you are interested. We have single kilos for $2,100, 2 kg’s for $4,000, 5 kg’s for $9,500, and orders of more than 5 kg’s for $1,800/kg. We are level 2 slangers here on Future and I can send you a COA if you would like. We are an Oregon-licensed processor and all of our CBD isolate is over 99% pure with no residual solvents. Let me know if you are interested.


I found it GMP for 1400. But ty


Can I ask where? Would be good to know, but I understand if you can’t say for whatever reason.

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My colleague in the Bay. 99.99% CBD GMP for just a couple hundred more than current market value.

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This is disappointing. I would have hoped the GMP certification would command a higher premium.

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@Mosaic_Co-Labs Mile High is GMP certified and sells us kilos at $1200/kg in quantities as low as 5kg. So quantites like 200kg would probably be quite a bit cheaper.

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@ZizzleB is right. The GMP produced Iso in this CA facility is going for $1000-$1800 dependant on volume.

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I’m seeing isolate for 700- 900 all day some times as low as 650.

Ya I’ve seen Non-GMP going for 600 per/kg in volume of 1000 kg and up

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who dou know that has for that price dm me please

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