Is USALabs reputable?

Does anyone have any general opinions about USALabs? We are looking at purchasing a 5L short path and the necessary winterization equipment from them…unless anyone on here has any used equipment for sale.

usalab is a great source with pretty good prices.

id recommend checking here for used equipment first though if you wanna save money. just search the classifies section.


They’re worth the couple extra bucks to have US support if needed.


I’ve had experience with them as well. They are a phone call away if you ever need the assistance. they have helped me adjust the pid on one of their -30c chillers. They also helped me auto tune the ZNCL heating mantel on their 5l short path. Good guys if you ask me.

We also have worked with USA labs, I know my lab director told me he appreciates them.

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My single experience ordering their filter plate was positive. Good quality, value, and fast delivery.

I personally shy away from their stainless but have had good luck with glassware and a few other items. Don’t expect cascade or heidolph quality but for budget constrained scenarios I wouldn’t shy away. Again, except for stainless. I’ve seen some really rough welds and also questionable design choices (10-12" clamps) etc.

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Sent me the wrong glass condenser for roto, then proceeded to bend over backwards to ensure that I was 100% happy

Shout out to those folks

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