Is this ok for vacuum pump oil?

Hey, Just wondering if this is acceptable vacuum pump oil. Found it at the local hardware store. It’s 1/2 the price of other stuff I’ve found online. I have a rotary vane style pump

I have been told to use at least r10. Elliot sold me I19 with my e30.

I hear a lot of people use r20


There is certainly a difference between ultra 19 and ultra 20 pump oil. I’ve been running ultra 19 for like 5 years In my pumps cause I’m lazy and typically abuse the shit out of my pumps. Even my cheapie $50 eBay vacuum pumps get ultra 19.

When I got into this short path stuff. Breaking dabs kept saying how ultra grade 20 pump oil doesn’t smoke as much and allows you to get to a lower vacuum depth. I found this to be true with my own pumps to after I switched. It only made a 4-5 micron difference. But that’s like half of the vacuum for me. It was the difference between 10 micron and 6 micron. Which is like 40% and in vacuum depth I think it’s exponential. So it’s even greater.


ISO 68 is SAE 20, is that the same thing as r20?

nope, the vapor pressure of your pump oil is the determining factor in hiw low your pump can go.
Heres a good discussion here.
Vacuum pump oil info needed!!


I use robinair


Yeah that’s been my go to.
Or else

I don’t know how to get any info on whether or not these are good oils though. They don’t list the vaccum tolerances on it.

edit looks like the black gold is gonly good down to 50 microns. So that stuff’s no good.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

This is what you guys are looking for. There website is $5 cheaper than amazon

Vacuum pump oil grade 19

VacOil 19 Grade Vacuum Pump Oil - 1 Gallon

Vacuum pump oil grade 20

VacOil 20 Grade Vacuum Pump Oil - 1 Gallon


Awesome thx, I’ll order some up this weekend :slight_smile:


VacOil 19 Grade Vacuum Pump Oil cheaper HERE rather than Amazon.

That’s a sweet $ for vac20 oil

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They sell it $5 cheaper on their site too.

I buy it local from an Edwards repair shop for $45 a gallon local

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The actual difference between the pump oils is a series of distillations at higher temps and critical vacuum rates to lock in a temp/vac boil off threshold in vacuum pumps. So day a ultra 19 is two distillations past a i19.

The only difference between 19 and 20 series oil that are supplied are further refined than thier counterparts, is how they handle oxygen when oxygen and some toxic gases or caustic gases enter the pump. The higher fractioned oils eject from the oil the molecules. They won’t exactly do anything with contamination. Just highly volatile molecules like such.

19 and 20 generally perform identical in cannabis with zero physical pull opperation curve difference. The only time the pump curve will alter is when those type of gases are used and the specific oil is able to eject it.

I have heard dollar to dollar since changing oil is key to pump life and pump curve performance i19 will allow the pump to last a bit longer, because it requires more servicing unlike u-19 to 20 where people leave it in there longer …

It’s all preference. Also most i19 can be make with organic components and such means your contamination will solute in fluids. This is actually kind of cool, where as ultra 19 generally from sources is actually used from synthetic becusee it’s cheaper to do…that means our cannabis vapor contamination tends to separate while in use from the fluids and dilitee much less, this makes it push all those contaminate the surfaces and layer on that crap all over everything instead of remain as diluted for servicing ease.


This is interesting…

I’ve been noticing lately that my collection flasks literally fill up with white smoke when I break vacuum to my pope 4", and I can’t get the smoke out unless I hit it with compressed air or use the vac to suck it out. i’m using Across International brand Ultra 19.

Are you saying I’ll see less smoke if I upgrade the oil to Ultra 20?

You may see an improvement by using a true 19 grade rather than the ‘ultra’ which uses additives that aren’t necessarily a benefit in this process. Frequent changes of 19 is probably your best investment. Ultra grades, 20 and full synthetic vacuum pump oils are great for clean, high heat applications and won’t break down as quickly. But botanical distillation is challenging due to the amount of moisture and particulate.

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Hey @XTRAXpros do you guys maybe have another valid 20% off code for us? I need some pump oil…


This code is still good on the website until tomorrow



Thank you!

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