Is there any empirical evidence showing that D8 is dangerous?

The stereo center in that drug is what fucked people up, not it have a double bond shifted like d9/d8

This was the first time they realized how a stereo center could make a drug good or bad


pretty sure we already knew you could starve on L-glucose.

the in-vivo interconversion certainly didn’t help.


Did you say its studied in Israel???

Oy vey


So far you’re the only one who has really answered my question in this thread. I explicitly wanted to avoid speculation and then we had the anti-d8 folks come in here coming in here to spread speculation.

Which catalysts should we be worried about? Is there any reason to believe that the ‘main’ popular brands online that are believed to be safe by the d8 community, contain these leftover catalysts?

There are people who believe there is no clean d8 for sale and that’s just a ludicrous assumption that I have not seen based on any empirical evidence. There is no way that everybody is selling dirty d8 with so many professionals involved in the industry. These are not bathtub chemists.

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So, I take it you’re against people using the ‘experimental’ COVID vaccines too then?

You already compared them but this will really tell me everything I need to know

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This was a result of everything @iontrap claimed

He was also using a library to identify the unknowns and that’s not accurate IMO

I think d8 is safe, I use to make it from thc back in the day and man it was fucked up

Here’s a coa of my old material I sent to kca

This was t41 in the flask

I have MS coming to see wtf else is in it


You have old, low quality samples you can provide for testing? As promised, I’m compiling a list of known degradation products from academic literature. It’s tedious because I’m going through over a dozen academic papers going back to the 40s and there are multiple naming systems that need to be cross referenced, but I should have a comprehensive list of about a dozen likely candidates including molecular weights soon. Many of these have available analytical standards for purchase. I would love to chat privately with you and @kcalabs to see about the logistics of purchasing and testing against these standards as well as what it would cost for equipment time. From there I would plan to publish these compounds in a separate thread here and attempt to fundraise. Does this sound doable? @kcalabs would the cost of this far surpass what could be gathered in another fundraising attempt? Obviously it would cost more than $1000.



Yes you have to submit safety information then. Also by fda regs your stuff is synthetic. The dea agrees

Nopa thats a stupid idea too. I think we can both agree there

Yep same with dextro and levo methorphan. One is an opoioid the other nmda antagonist

No lmao.

By FDA regulations, d8 is natural just like vanillin from organic non-vanilla sources would be.

You really should pay attention to what you buy at the grocery store

As usual. Scroll up. You are wrong.

Without submitting safety data to the fda, all d8 products for consumption would be adulterated

The links above state as such clearly

Right here in fact. Here is your spoon for the day Is there any empirical evidence showing that D8 is dangerous? - #20 by RedundantAlexithymia

No, it is not evidence, as has already been explained in this thread. Scroll up.

lol ok. trust kingofthekush over the fda. who also has been wrong about everything else in this thread.

you are certainly a special person aren’t you?


Says the dude who says d8 is synthetic when states are creating LAWS to close the loop hole

Youre just one of the haters who doesn’t want to admit I was right about the legality of d8

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Oh here you are again, resorting to insults when you cannot provide evidence.

the feds move slow. the states don’t.

The dea thinks its illegal. they have it both listed on their schedule specifically, and have released a memo stating such as well. I know you like to stick your fingers in your ears and pretend those things didnt happen, but they did

lack of enforcement != legal

DEA schedule showing d8 specifically listed

and sythetic d8 is illegal

its not natural, you didnt extract it. you made it in a lab

DEA says no to that:


Hemp = legal

Over Half of my city is vaccinated. 70% of NYC.

Think it’s fair to see we have no idea what we’re doing to our bodies.