Is there any empirical evidence showing that D8 is dangerous?

I am not affiliated with anybody or anything. I am just an enthusiast of cannabinoids who is looking to find out if the products I’ve been consuming over the past year+ or not are safe. I’ve done a lot of research and have come to these conclusions:

I keep seeing people claim that it is not safe, but I’ve yet to see the evidence. Now, let me make myself very clear- I am not saying that every single D8 product out for sale is safe. But I am saying that in this self-regulated industry, there are still products that are safe to the best of our knowledge, because D8 itself is not dangerous. I am fully willing to change my opinion if presented with evidence that shows otherwise, but I don’t see how d8 is much different from something like d9 distillate.

I have seen that there are popular products out for sale with higher than advertised levels of d9. But this does not indicate safety, it is a legal issue.

I have also seen claims that there are unknown cannabinoids in d8. Some of these may be novel to d8 and created during isomerization, but there are also many, many undiscovered cannabinoids in regular ol’ cannabis. If any are dangerous, I would like to see evidence of that.

There are also claims about acid activated bentonite clay leaving byproducts in the end product, but I’ve not seen any evidence of anything that can’t be removed. Bentonite clay is already being used for legal D9 products, as well as in many other industries.

So is there any empirical evidence that somebody can show me which shows that D8 is inherently dangerous like some people are saying? Is there anything about D8 itself that presents a proven danger that is any different to D9 distillate?

Asking in this section of the forum because I am not well educated on the process of making or testing D8, so I just pay attention to what the lab reports say and try to learn as much as I can.

D8-THC is not inherently any more dangerous than D9-THC.

Its the unknown conversion products, and possibly known remaining catalysts in the average D8 distillate that may be concerning


maybe it isn’t more dangerous than d9-thc. We don’t have long term studies, or even large sample size studies on humans (afiak)

edit: There seem to be significant differences in cardiovascular effects between d9 and 8 thc, so id say its way too early to make that comparison. They are not the same drug and don’t have the same activity


D8 is one of the most studied cannabinoids in Israel, they’ve been giving it to kids for years its the ONLY drug that completely prevents puking in children during chemo

They make there d8 from cbd too btw

D8 was discovered only a few years after d9


I can’t shorten it to the original WHO link, but it doesn’t seem they’re concerned with THC isomers either


IsomersTHC (8).pdf (3.2 MB)


I will cede that I’ve speculated too much about the worst possible crude conversions, I’d be willing to contribute to funding some experiments to get a baseline of the worst possible garbage in those types of samples so we can see both ends of the spectrum


monograph79 (2).pdf (2.2 MB)

Here’s one I’ve kept secret for years

This one is the one


thats a study of the antiemetic effects of d8, not its safety.

its sample size is on two pairs of shrews anyway

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How about a cannabinoid that works as well for pain relief as morphine, last 4 days and doesn’t get you high?


O yea and you can’t OD on it

You really think they’d be giving it to children if it wasn’t safe?

Please provide me with your description of safe because I can kill myself drinking water

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only interesting if its safe really, and nobody will ever fund the studies to find out unless they can patent it.
Guineapigging strange drugs isn’t a good strategy long term

Considering it’s a neutraceutical it’s safe until proven otherwise according to the FDA

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edit: bonus yes

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Enantiomers aren’t the same as an isomer


Are you kidding me right now?

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that isnt a legal thing in the usa. Last time I checked, things for human consumption are either a drug, dietary suppliment, food ingredient, or food, according to the FDA

6a10a has two enantiomers, no? It’s present in a lot of distillates

Funny you’ve never heard of them as there in the same class as a dietary supplement


Safe until proven otherwise

Shall I provide the FDA regulations for you to see too or?

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Technically all thcs do

D10 has 2, and if you take d10 and reverse it you’ll get both enatiomers of d9

All you need to do is flip the direction 1 bone faces and you have a enantiomer

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you mean this one?

“One requirement is that ``the dietary supplement
contains only dietary ingredients which have been present in the food
supply as an article used for food in a form in which the food has not
been chemically altered.’’ The alternative requirement is that:
[T]here is a history of use or other evidence of safety
establishing that the dietary ingredient when used under the
conditions recommended or suggested in the labeling of the dietary
supplement will reasonably be expected to be safe and, at least 75
days before being introduced or delivered for introduction into
interstate commerce, the manufacturer or distributor of the dietary
ingredient or dietary supplement provides the Secretary with
information, including any citation to published articles, which is
the basis on which the manufacturer or distributor has concluded
that a dietary supplement containing such dietary ingredient will
reasonably be expected to be safe.”

so, your chemically altered stuff has to be proven safe

considering the FDA doesn’t consider THC or CBD to be an approved dietary supplement and has taken action against companies for including it in products for human consumption, i dont know where you got the idea that even less common cannabinoids would be ok

not giving the FDA what they consider “adequate” information on its safety before market automatically makes your product adulterated in their eyes