Is something odd happening with the flag system (edited clickbait title)

Dayum homie 977 nice reply badges! :clap:


Looks like sidco or someone is going through the flags though. Posts were approved on the spdking thread also.


About time…

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Sidco’s profile says he hasn’t been on all month

Not sure how much that really means

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Where is Sidco?

WTF How are whole threads getting deleted? I thought that wasn’t possible.

How did the thread Graywolf started that someone kept changing the title disappear? - Meta - Future4200

I don’t know, basing it off this and the posts being approved in spdking thread.

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Shit your right I looked at it wrong dude hasn’t posted all month @raghanded

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So flag the flaggers everywhere they post? Fight fire with fire.

and close down all those threads too?

Sounds like a great way to further damage the forum…


I am kidding. Just seems a flawed system here. I imagine at some point the board will be forced make changes to the system. Some nerd will program a flag macro.

its not really a flawed system, it works well when people arent sabotaging it by flagging things to oblivion.


Killa posted in another thread that they just raised the threshold for flags to close a thread.


And it’s unique user flags that do it.

Not the same user. Needs a certain amount of unique user flag to trip the auto close

I think I’m gonna change my title from janitor to janitor/ forum curator.



Killa for level 5

Replace future with killa



One minute you guys like me. Next week you all will be hating me again and saying I’m the problem.

I’m just glad I can help sometimes!


If you want I can talk some shit and get the ball rolling again?


I feel like it’s still Festivus here. Let her rip


Pretty much this. When someone submits a flag I get to agree or disagree with it. When I disagree with a bunch then ‘the system’ gives your flag a lower score and isless likely to close threads. higher level have greater abilities to lock up a thread. It only takes two lvl3s. The idea is at a lvl3 if youre abusing these features you shouldnt be a level 3 (manual demotion).

This sounds like a good idea at first but they always end up as list people attempt to get on when they are feeling downed by the community.
For example

@TennesseeJed I’ll spell it out again. Click these two links @moderators and @admins these people can censor threads, straight up hide them, but cannot really delete them from the database. If this has happened let me know, the link will still work or give me search terms of the thread you think has been censored. If you have a more elaborate example, spell it out, make a post about it, but just going “the blatant censorship and favoritism” is bullshit.
Name names, give examples.

This is what happened.


@sidco Here ya go. I started a thread about it. Yes it was deleted from your database.
Coincidence that the member kicking up all the dust around here is the OP and now its gone?

How did the thread Graywolf started that someone kept changing the title disappear? - Meta - Future4200

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