Is Low temp disposable is better for Live Resin (Rosin)

Are you agree with the low temp disposable is better for Live Resin (Rosin)

Our #Vibe has low temp settings, such as 1.4ohm and 2.0V/2.4V/ 2.8V
If you want a disposable to have an excellent taste not when working with your Live Resin or Live Rosin. Leave your shipping information and we would like to offer some samples for your review.

Is that picture your recommended disposal technique?

Just leave it lying around in nature somewhere…


It’s crazy they’re called disposables and your not supposed to throw them in the trash…

Don’t hate the player brother… it’s the game that’s getting sketchy.

not trying to go all Greta but jeezuz can you imagine how much lithium its gonna take to fuel the disposable vape market (nic sticks included) for the next 10 years?? let alone the E-Vehicles

“The cost of lithium has risen from $6,000 per tonne in 2020 to $78,032 a tonne in 2022, a 13-fold increase in less than two years…”

anyways maybe i just got too high watching Avatar the other day.


If the starting point is “we are going to throw this away, because that is what the customer wants”, who needs to change first?

How is that achieved?

Would thousands of those things poured into that same patch of ground be a better place to start this crusade?

Because it needs started…

The folks at Berkeley are feeding cell phones to bacteria to get back the neodymium. Because “recycle or die” is for real.


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There are two kinds mouthpiece for your option, which one you prefer?