Is it possible to remove mystery oil contamination from slabs?

Shouldn’t mystery oil evaporate at a high enough temp in a vacuum ?

Its mystery oil, without knowing what type of oil it is you cant assume it would or would not. but it likely wont unless you increase the temp and increase the vacuum significantly.

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Probably after the cannabinoids and before the fats or waxes.

Assuming they are lubricants…

Which is why the consensus answer is “distill it”.


This. The slab is oil. At some point, you are just trying to get rid of oil from oil. The reason vacuum ovens are great for cannabis processing is that they can get rid of volatiles in a safe way that doesn’t overprocess the sample material.

@Graywolf is the expert on this subject and he’s got his finger on the pulse of the current issues with the solvent supply.

This thread is a good reminder of all the important things we don’t know when we work without QC and in-house testing. How do we keep it craft and keep it safe? There’s got to be a way.

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No. Here’s what we found when we analyzed it:


Given that the link lacks the original analysis pictures, here they are:


Thank you @Graywolf!


…and to @SkyHighLer