Is Bhang intoxicating?

Hi I’m sorry if this is the wrong place to post about this I’m just very curious. I’ve been looking into the history of hash and stuff like that. I’ve been looking into “Bhang” from what I’ve read Bhang is supposed to be psychoactive but I’m not sure how if there is no heat involved to activate the thc. If anyone has any info as to how the thc in Bhang could be activated or if it is not actually intoxicating, I would greatly appreciate it. Just curious


Hell yes and its awesome!

Bhang lassi!!!wheee


They could be sun drying the buds


Yeah it does, I think the combination of heat and full fat milk makes it work.


I’ve had it both as the lassi and as a cake (powdery and not nice to consume). They both get you intoxicated. I preferred the lassi. It was like smoking really good weed.

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Milk is a natural emulsifier. Using one ounce of cannabis to a pot of milk on the stove at a controlled/watched heat while stirring continuously for two hours non decarbed or 45 mins decarbed. Strain thru a 190 micron bubble bag into jars/fresh pot. Cool down and enjoy the jet fuel taste that is canna milk.


Intetresting question. Plant material in this case dryed, exists in a kind of decarb limbo.
Some of the thca will have shifted over to delta 9 just from drying and storage.
look at this recipe for bhang Bhang Recipes - Holi Bhang Recipe, Holi Festival
You will see that it uses an ounce of plant material for one serving, in its partially decarbed state this could easily be 100+mg of active delta 9 thc.

Check this out say you had an ounce of dryed material that was 10% thc.
28.3495 * .1%= 2.83495 grams theoretical yeild
2.83495 * 1000= 2834.95 mg

now lets say 5% of that total yeild was delta 9 thc and the other 95% was thca.

2834.95 * .05%= 141.7475mg

141.74 mg is enough to knock one on their booty! Especially people who don’t regularly consume thc products.

Decarbing certianly makes the cannabinoids go further, the Bhang drink is brute force kind of approach.

Consume bhang responsibly! Cheers!


Thanks! Great response

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i imagine because you were crass with no explanation? Like no you don’t have to spoon-feed anyone anything if you don’t want to, but do you really think everyone on here has a good understanding of the history of cannabis in India? It’s great that you do, but damn dude, coming off harsh with no explanation