Is 200 an ounce a crazy price for cannabis derived terpenes?

Making some carts rn and I wanted to use CBT. After doing allot of research online and finding nothing from actual cannabis not hemp for less then 50 a gram i mentioned it to my boy who had gotten me the leiter of disty in the first place. He said his boy has a bunch right now (100 grams) that he could do for 200 an ounce. I thought I would be able to find a better price online since it doesnt contain THC otherwise I woulda never looked. But part of me thinks 5 a gram seems way more like hemp prices then then indoor cannabis like he said. I’ve know him for a few years now and he’s always sold me good work so its not that I shouldn’t trust him I’m just new to this and want a second opinion.

Any advice appreciated.

On a side note: It almost certainly does contain THC as separating them from the terpenes to ND levels, is to my knowledge, extremely difficult while preserving the strains’ profile.

$200 for ~ 28ml is $7 and change per ml for cannabis derived terpenes. I recently paid upwards of $35/ml on a small order to test out.

If I knew someone with CDT @ $200/oz I think I’d be interested in sampling the quality of their work as that is quite a good price it seems.

Consider checking out @Betroit and others (sorry I cant think of the user names) doing true CDTs. Perhaps get them both and compare for yourself!


:point_up: There’s your answer.

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I’ve sampled some pretty good TFree CDT from some of last year’s terpy CBG strains… CO2 derived. So it’s definitely possible


Most likely hemp or hemp adjacent


CBT (cannabinoid) Or CDT (terpene) ?
Do you have a COA?


You have every right to be skeptical of the quality and source. The price of cannabis terpenes from thc genetics (hold the thc) could definitely be produced for that cheap at some point in the future, but we are not in the future yet. Most likely hemp.

Fwiw anybody that does not actually manufacture oil has no business mixing up carts unless they are able to visit the manufacturer to watch the process and understand how that batch of oil was made, where the materials came from etc…

Berry blossom shits on 70% of peoples canna terps

Remedy is the god terp.

There are obvious outliers


Oh man, I bet wild honeysuckle terps would slap too…


Are those available for sale anywhere

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I wonder :thinking:

in case any out of the industry people read this; the “berry blossom” im refering to is a hemp strain. Please dont put strawberry nectar in your terps

Hahaha I definitely thought you were referring to some actual berry flowers

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There is one botanical on earth that has the unicorn phenols, but i wouldnt share it even if mark cuban paid me 60m

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Check for a coa for ND THC. If these CDT are co2 derived and Tfree, worth it.

Ever smell honeysuckle?


They most likely just have a jar of terp “sauce” (BHO) which is realistically always going to be better than any distilled terpenes. If that’s the case then you’ll probably be quite pleased with the flavor.

Cost of THC-material would be too high for that price to come from a reseller. Perhaps directly from the individual extracting them in bulk, but for an ounce at that rate they would barely profit enough to cover the cost of the jar they put them in. If they are refined, cannabinoid-free terpenes, I’d wager they’re hemp or botanical. Due to the low cost of material, the guys pulling hemp are performing much better extractions nowadays anyway. I’ve got a couple dozen types of HDT’s at the moment that I don’t even know where to start.


I have yet to smell/taste an HDT that doesn’t smell and taste like hemp. HDT would be the way to go if it didn’t all have that underlying rope taste. Imma need a money back guarantee that it doesn’t taste like hemp in order to try another HDT myself.

Thank you for this very helpful.

The guy is for sure not dealing with hemp. This was a grower in a rural area who had just had allot of material processed and was looking to get it off. I think I got this price because of exactly that. He was only looking to get his moneys worth not to upcharge us crazy since we bought a pound total and a pound of batter on top.

I guess that makes me qualified lol