Irrigation water pH for Hemp

Hello Hemp Hivemind,

I’m looking for input on irrigation water pH for CBD hemp.

Anyone with successes or failures last year, what was your pH and are you trying to change it this season?


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This would depend on many factors with the main two being life stage and Soil PH.

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Life stage will start as a seedling and go until harvest :wink:

My soil pH is right around 7.4, but I’m interested in hearing what others have had success with :muscle:

Your on the basic side there. The soil would need to be amended to bring the PH down some.


BG305, I appreciate your input. I know what range I am shooting for, I’d like my water to come in at 6.8.

My original question is specific to irrigation water and what successes or failures others have had. One farmer I know doesn’t care what his input water is, and watered last year most of the time in the high 7’s which seems sub-optimal to me. So what were your water conditions last year if you don’t mind me asking?

Well remember your going to get out what you it in. I’m not sure why you would want your input water at a PH of 6.8? I have been growing for 20 yrs come last April. If you know what the plant needs at certain life stages it will help you dial in your grow and achieve unheard of harvests. This chart will show you the “sweet” spot for you nutrient solution. If your soil is on the basic side I would aim for my nutrient solution to be injected at 6.0-6.2 as the soil will raise it closer to 7.0. The “swing” will help your plants have a wider range to access nutrients as they become available at different PH levels.