Intro/recommendations for reading material

Hello. Just making a quick introduction of myself and my intents, as im sure I’ll be around asking a lot of questions. I’ve been a long time lurker on this and several other message boards reading and following along with a lot of you guys. Recently I’ve been given the opportunity to take over some lab work for someone, with great potential to grow and do some legit work. Ihave been going in super hard and educating myself and learning as much as I can. I have a lot of experience growing Cannabis as well as running a closed loop butane system as a helper picking up mostly what I needed to know. But my intention from here on out is to be able to cram all the knowledge I can into my brain to be able to be an asset to the people that have given me this opportunity. I’m well rounded and very good at researching and learning so I’m confident that I can slowly learn and increase my value to these people. Diving into the science side of things can be intimidating especially following some of your projects. Anyways, until all systems are dialed in over here I’ve just been running through all their trim in the closed loop system, making bho, winterizing and ending up with, well, trim quality oil. In researching how to clean up and increase visual and quality I started reading about different compounds, solvents etc and it becomes a bit much. So my first question I ask here is this… what would you suggest as good starting reading material to help start really building my understanding of the sciences behind processing and extracting. Be it science books, cannabis directed books, etc. As I said I’m well-rounded, so I’m not just some dumb guy trying to jump into the game. I’ve gotten very far in my own learnings, just trying to see what you guys hold high as far as research material to start with to really start grasp the science. Whether it’s fundamental science learning or whatever. Thank you for reading this long winded introduction, I hope to be an asset to this board one day as well.

Current lab setup
Closed loop system running butane. I made some upgrades to it when I first got here to get it running like the machine I was familiar with, adding a recovery manifold and a few other little things to beef it up.

5l rotovap

Distillation setup minus good vacuum pump

Pro series best value vacuum oven- the big giant monster one.

Basically I have access to anything I need to grow my methods and learn.

If you haven’t yet, take a look at the Data Dump here.

If you are looking for SOPs, discounts on lab equipment, and the opportunity to meet with fellow members, check out the GoodLifeGang


As far as I can tell most reading material regarding the entirety of the art of seperations and cannabis are mixed with concepts that work and concepts that do not but of course identify all ideas presented as valid.

Let me give you an example. I remember when the first posts involving a saline wash and hexane appearred on a now defunct but once definitive source of information on the internet. I remember reading at the time the theory of why this would all work. I tried hundreds of references and looked at it and did it myself, yet the explanation given at the time for the “science” just did not hold water. Fast forward now and I have seen multiple explanations why the saline is necessary and each is different from the original. Yet many use the method and like it but I will say definitively that the wash as done originally and still practiced by some is only marginally effective in return for the effort compared to other methods. Ph adjustments and all sorts of new ideas and good ones too have emerged and this tags into that older tech but my point is if you want an answer just why a saline wash needs to be saline then you likley will get three answers and still may not understand precisely why and end up too with salt in your extract.

(ducking the tomatoes now from the saline wash crowd…)

I now get enough questions through email and such from folks who watch my short amatuer videos to identify a trend though and perhaps this will help. Of all the questions I get, hands down the majority are based on a misunderstanding of how solvents interact with each other. To this end I suggest obtaining a solvent miscibility chart as well as a solvent polarity chart. Then read up on wikipedia from top to bottom of each article everything there is about each solvent. Try to obtain sometimes difficult to find charts listing known azeotropes. If you do not understand the word azeotrope then that is a good topic to begin with on wikipedia.

Clearly somebody has placed their faith in you and that counts for everything. Be a noticer. Notice when colors are different and just tuck the idea inside but keep noticing things. Pretty soon one day you wake up and suddenly four or five things you noticed that all seemed disconnected suddenly connect after you give your brain time to chew on it. Never let an odd occurance out of the back of your mind and try not to ocnvince yourself of any explanation as a first response - be an info gatherer and keeper. Especially of the tiny details.

Then - you write the book but remember me and toss me a discount eh? :sunglasses:


I appreciate that reply like crazy! I’m trying to pick peoples brain and learn real science instead of being the guy that comes here like “HEY GUYS HOW CAN I MAKE MY TRIM OIL LOOK GOOD FOR PENS TELL ME THANKS”

And yes, my work ethic and attitude is a huge reason these people brought me on board. I’m quick at learning and good as researching. They have a small lab setup like I said, with the means and ambitions to move forward in a professional manner. By all means I have no delusions about The industry and trying to grow in this field. It’s hard to approach people for help without sounding like “that guy”, thus my ten paragraph intro. My exact goals right now are to master the close loop system, and upscale that. Master the distillation, and make thc carts. The market we are serving are in huge demand for pens and aren’t exactly connesuiers. Right now I’m using all their trim to dial In th cls, winterizing, rotovapping and kind of getting into a rhythm. But essentially what brought me here was researching compounds used to “clean up” trim oil, such as Celite 545 and cbleach etc. thats when my head started spinning. And I didn’t wanna be the guy that came here and said “how can I clean up my shitty trim for carts” lol. Just trying to navigate this ocean like a gentleman. Thanks for the response thus far!!