Inline DeCarb

Anybody currently using any continuous flow, inline decarbing solutions?

I’m thinking it can be done with a shell and tube, FFE style, ideally by applying pressure to the head space of the feed vessel to push the crude through the heat exchanger.

Any thoughts? Better solutions?


What about a reboiler option for large batches? scavange the residual etoh and terps at the same time? mabey a longer thinner heat exchanger like a pasturizer?juice-dairy-beer-pasteurizer-goodnature%20(1)


This is like the first stage of some multi-stage WFE systems.


Other than changing the outlet on the output to the bottom of the tank, I don’t see why this wouldn’t work.

If you stack it into a vertical arrangement you might even be able to get a siphon effect from the first crude tank and not have to push it. Might be too viscous to flow nicely though. Depends on the input temperature/composition.


Is there really no inline decarb solutions available tailored for cannabis yet?

Pinnacle Stainless should have one, but I’m not sure how many are in production and not already paid-for…

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Why not put a reactor “inline”

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How many L/hr do you need decarbed?

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I would worry about conversion rates imo with that type setup …but it definitely looks possible .

Because a gear pump and heat exchanger with liquid-vapor separator would be much faster . . .
But your suggestion definitely works, and it’s what I’ve done as well as seen others do consistently.

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Probably 3-5L an hour decarbed. I have 2 50 L triple jacketed reactors/ rotary evap. How would you best reccomend I decarb 20L at a time in these anyone? Thanks!

Triple jacketed? Wuuut🤨

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soon. i am working on this.

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Vacuum insulated outer jacket oil bath/chiller tee to inner jacket and condenser. Super sweet

When you say inner jacket… Why would you use that jacket? Internal coil I understand. Vacuum on the outer jacket, hot middle jacket and cold inner jacket immediately next to it?

Got a drawing or photo?

Chinese like usalabs

Lol I dont know why they call it triple but that’s prolly cuz jacket refers to wall and its triple walled I guess?

Are you considering the inner vessel and “insulated fluid line” and inner jacket? That’s not a jacket lol. That is the vessel itself. I’m not sure why they call it triple jacketed. Triple walled? That makes sense but that’s not what they called it haha.

These are the three containment vessels I see:

  1. Interior Vessel
  2. Jacket
  3. Jacket

I understand and agree, but the interior vessel is also considered a jacket in classification

Triple (walled)/ Jacketed (insulated) / reactor