Inline CO2 Crystallization Vessel *Currently Being Fabricated*


So, the avenues I’ve taken so far in an attempt to get a crystallization vessel fabricated have not lead me anywhere closer to getting the job done.

Essentially, the issue is that I don’t have access to the funds to pay to have it made. I’m looking for an investor or just someone that can get the damn thing made, whether you can make it personally, or know someone that can. Once we have something we can file for a patent and whatnot. I don’t have a blueprint drawn, but, I know what all of the specifications need to be. I’m willing to share in the rights or work up some kind of contract with anyone who fits the bill.

If anyone is interested, feel free to DM me.


what kind of fabricator do you need?


Sorry, already got someone for the task, it’s currently being fabricated.


no worries ill stay posted :grimacing:

You in Oregon?