Initial Processing of Biomass ETH/Solvent

Excuse the “Newb-ness”, but I’m curious what impact, if any, there is on the condition of the trim prior to solvent application (using Ethanol)? Also, currently only have the ability to get the Ethanol down to about -15 to -20 degrees C. What if the trim has been frozen, thawed, and then slightly damp? What if it’s bone dry? What if it’s sopping wet? What impact does that have on yield, potency, color, smell, etc of the final product(THC)? Using Molecular Still (wiped film). Again, sorry if this comes off as ignorant.

Welcome @Evie3800

maybe start here: Ethanol Extraction White Paper

then work your way through: Search results for 'ethanol' - Future4200

some of those questions will still need answering when you’re done, but you’ll have a lot better framework to hang those answers on.

Thank you!! Much appreciated!! Looks like I got some studying to do.

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