Infusing equipment

This equipment can be used to infuse CBD/CBG into food and beverages


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What makes it better than a homogeniser or planetary centrifuge?

That’s 12k at most

That’s 4k at most

why does your product cost 10-40x other options?


Because people with deep pockets and little knowledge will pay 10x more if you say your equipment is specific to the cannabis industry?


Those CAT Homogenisers are utilised in the cannabis industry to make hard candies.

Is this specialised equipment easier to clean? Does it have a faster thuroughput? Does it nano encapsulate? What makes it worth 40x the cost of a homogeniser? Thats what I would like to know, thank you!

Those CATs are nice. I really like my X1000, though it doesn’t emulsify small enough for my purposes. Have to go ultrasonic or similar for true nanoemulsions.

Considering I can set up a nanoemulsification system that will do something like a million doses a day for under $100k I doubt there’s anything here but snake oil. Though I’d be happy to be proven wrong by OP.

Thats why I asked. Ultrasonics range from 5-25k but the expense is logical. I do not see spending 100k+ on a mixing solution as logical. Things like cleaning and maitanence and different batches make having one mixer inconvenient.

The CAT X1000D Homogenizer with the DK30 Flow-Through Chamber can easily process large volumes of media. In this video 40 gallons of an alcoholic beverage is being processed.

DK30 Flow-Through Chamber


Given you process with the X1000 Homogenizer, do you use the device to reduce the particles to micron size in your solutions, then employ the ultrasonic device to achieve nano-emulsions?

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How long can you keep that x1000 running? We had to shut ours off every minute and a half… So in a drum scenario like that, do you cut off the equipment, clean and re start every few minutes?

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Are you having to shut off the device due to the X1000 overheating, and if so, can you tell me what you’re processing; I’m guessing distillate?, viscosity, volume range and temperature of solution prior to processing or is it because we suggested that time frame for homogenization?

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I never saw that flow through device and am intrigued. I’m guessing it isn’t made for distillate. You told me that time frame yourself, and after what you prophesied about the silicone came true, I’m inclined to believe you :sweat_smile:

Once we get back to playing around with nanoemulsions, we might. We will test both with and without the X1000 and see what makes the most sense from an operational standpoint.

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